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My love for genealogy research led me to my new love, Court Research !
I want to share this opportunity with other moms out there so they can contribute to the family income and still spend quality time with their families. If you need to work, why not get paid to do work you love !

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

IT-Boss Research - Another Great Company

I recently got an email about another research company that seems to be opening doors to a lot of people. Their primary focus is on background and criminal investigations for the legal industry. Starting in 2010, they expanded to offer placement services. This company networks with several research firms and matches applicants up with their clients. What's so great about this company is that as an applicant, you don’t pay a placement fee! I know, how AWESOME is that right? The way they work is that they recruit for various research companies (and folks, they do their homework before taking on new clients – they are a background investigative company after all !). Once you apply, they review your background and then (ready for this?) they provide you links to training materials that will help you understand the type of research you’ll need to perform for their clients. Most clients will require that you take a qualification test, but you’ll have all the information to study so you’ll ACE the test ! IT-Boss Research goes beyond finding you interviews – they help you snag the job!

Remember, you pay nothing up front. The clients pay your placement fee for you. Because they do that, they may require that you stay onboard for a given amount of time (e.g., 30 days) and that you give a two-week notice which I think is quite acceptable considering that most placement fee services can cost you up to $500 with no guarantee that they will find you any work !

So no out of pocket, free training materials so you can prepare for your interview. This company’s placement services division consists of several retired recruiters, each working from their homes. So they understand your desire to work independently with a flexible schedule. So check them out ! You can learn more about them at Good Luck !


  1. Josalyn, thank you for the info you've provided about Court Research opportunities. It has been very valuable.

    I am currently have a full-time job, but may need to switch to something part-time to care for my 90 y-o mom. Needless to say, I'm looking at flexible arrangements, and it seems like Court Research is a viable avenue.

    One question: on average, how long does it take you to complete one search (one record)? I won't be anywhere as efficient as you are, but at least that'll give me a ballpark figure. Thank you.

  2. Kim, the search depends on the type of document and level of research you are asked to do. For the most part, none of my assignments take more than 1 to 2 minutes to locate the information and document it. Its a little slow at time as you learn the courthouse retrieval methods and develop your own rhythm, but after that, you'll soar !

  3. I see IT-Boss Research jobs everywhere. Where is the company headquarters located? It seems as if they are doing business in every state.

  4. Per their website, they are all retired recruiters working from their homes, so its a virtual office. They have several clients and those clients have needs nationwide - thats why you'll see so many ads out by them. They do some research as well, but primarily, are recruiting people for other research companies. Thats how I got my great job ! They are very thorough in their application process and their clients are not just a list that you are given to apply to for work; they actually reserve the long-term (ongoing) assignments for you and once you complete their process, you're ready to start those assignments. I just took on 3 more counties this week and have a nice "territory" assigned to me. I won't get rich quick, but I am loving the extra $800 a month I'm earning ! And I never have to miss a game or a school outting with my kids! I can work around my personal schedule.

  5. I am contemplating this opportunity but am afraid of identity theft and fraudulent companies. I would love this type of work but just want to be sure they are a valid company.

  6. I'm a Paralegal currently working part-time in an Attorney's office. I think this would be a great opportunity to enhance my value to the Attorney. I applied earlier today!